Katja Dreyer (Berlin,1974) is a theatre maker and performer living in Brussels since 2004.
I got to know the Alexander Techniek as a drama student and performer.
I have been fascinated by the body-mind relationship on stage and in ‘real life’ when I started as an acting student.
Since 2021 I also work as a writing and movement teacher in the Theater School in Leuven.
I have the privilege to witness how the Alexander Techniek changes and challenges young acting and writing students. I started my teacher’s training in February 2021in order to dive deeper into the Techniek and learn how to pass on my questions and experiences.
The Alexander Technik is a tool to give you agency to enjoy the rich and complex tissue of wishes that our lives are.

It also works against back pain.

Email : katja84@hotmail.com

Katja Dreyer Portrait


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