AEFMAT is the Belgian Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

It is a non-profit making association, founded in Brussels on the 21st December 1982.

AEFMAT is part of an international network known as ATAS which was formed by the societies that are affiliated to STAT. STAT is the UK-based society which was the first professional organization of Alexander Technique teachers. AEFMAT affiliated to STAT in 1996.

The principal aims of AEFMAT are :

  • to promote public awareness and understanding of the Alexander Technique in Belgium;
  • to oversee standards of teacher training and professional practice;
  • to oversee the respect of the Code of Professional Conduct;
  • to protect the name “F.M. Alexander Technique” from unauthorised use;
  • to participate in the international network of affiliated societies (ATAS).

All full members of AEFMAT are recognized teachers of the F. M. Alexander Technique.
There are currently 31 members.


Athanase Vettas


Marianne Schenck


Judith Stelling


Catherine Laurent

member of the council

Miguel Houbaert

Training School Contact