The Training Course below is the only one in Belgium approved by AEFMAT:


Avenue Ernestine, 2b 1050 Ixelles

For information about the school, please contact the Head of training :

mobile: 0486 17 63 04

The minimum standards for AEFMAT approved training courses are in agreement with those of ATAS (Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies):

a) A minimum of 1600 total class hours over a period of at least three years;
b) A minimum of 80 per cent of class hours shall consist of practical work in the Alexander Technique;
c) Each working week shall consist of between 12-20 hours of classes and at least 4 days with each day consisting of 3-4 hours of classes;
d) There should not be more than 5 students per teacher during practical work,
all such teachers being certificated by the local society or another affiliated society;
e) In addition to the director, a training course must have either
i) a co-director who satisfies the requirements for a Director of Training or
ii) a main assistant who has been a certificated and practising member of the local society (or another affiliated society) for at least five (5) years.