The Alexander Technique is for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about themselves.

Do you want to move more easily and freely? Are there things in your way of moving that could be the cause of aches and pains? Are you a musician, dancer, actor or athlete and wish to improve your skills? Are you fascinated by the practical experience of how mind, body and emotions are connected?

In fact, everyone can benefit from learning the Alexander Technique, whatever their profession and at any age, including children, teenagers and the elderly.

Even people who live with disabilities, chronic pain or illness can benefit from having lessons. Although the Alexander Technique does not replace medical advice or treatment, improved coordination contributes to better functioning. Movement habits may not be the only cause of ailments, but our use of ourselves will always contribute to the situation. Learning to move better can bring relief in many cases. It is also a great help to know how to avoid making things worse through unsatisfactory compensation.

Very often people do experience immediate benefits from lessons, but the Alexander Technique is not about “a quick fix”. The real value of the work is as a long-term process of learning how to look after ourselves. To achieve this requires a certain amount of time and commitment.

Life is movement! Skilled movement connotes skilled living
Raymond Dart