miguel houbaertUnchallenged European champion ‘freestyle tree climbing’, Miguel Houbaert, first learned about the Alexander technique after his inevitable fall. Faced with the awesomeness of the Technique he promptly started studying to be a teacher.

Miguel is a strong believer in anything that can be learned and executed in a playful fashion, whether that’s skateboarding, latte art, frisbeeing or climbing. Frederick Matthias Alexander’s technique turns out to be the most widely applicable and most universal method currently at our disposal.

Miguel would like to share this technique with you, so you too can indulge in Alexander’s philosophy of the optimal use of the self in everyday activities.

gsm: 0488 994 309
mail: miguelhoubaert@yahoo.co.uk
website: Alexandertechniek & Fotografie
FB page: Alexandertechniek Aficionados



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